Saturday, 27 December 2008

Dream FM - January 1995 - DJ Uproar / MC Twilight

So I've retrieved a massive box of crusty tapes from my parent's garage. Let the encoding commence!

Here we start with some 'proper' happy hardcore from the mid 90s, courtesy of Dream FM - probably the best London pirate station of the era.

My thoughts go out to Mr Twilight, kind enough to MC at our outdoor party a few years back - but currently locked down with the HMP crew. :(

Side A:
Side B:

Feel free to submit tracklistings for these mixes if you like. I will update the posts.

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At 8 February 2009 22:48 , Blogger RadioactiveMan said...

Superbo! On the B side at 12m30secs top sounds.. thanks for sharing!


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