Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Recursion EP

Download Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/240133566/Recursion_EP_320K_2001.rar


The idea behind the Recursion EP was firstly to unleash some new hardcore to
the masses in the form of two conventional tracks (Overdrive & Mix A2)
and also two abstract tracks (Running & Beyond My Dreams).

The tracks were written between 1998 and 2000, using Fast Tracker 2, an old
MS-DOS based music tracker, which you can read about here.

Around this time, there were a series of EPs that sprung up from the
oldschool mailing list:

* Matt Robinson's Bassquake EP
* Alien Eye's Found a Cafe
* Penfold's Ectopic Beats

These EPs had their roots in a pair of CDs compiled by Mike Ash
(of Rising High/Moving Shadow) and distributed by post in the late 90s.

Fast Tracker was also used to make Found a Cafe and some of the tracks on
Bassquake I believe. It was a dirty popular tool, but led to rather muddy
sounding production and offered a complete lack of EQ and mixdown.

In total the EP sold around 300 copies, and I just about covered the
pressing costs. Well, once I chased Mo's Music Machine for months who
rebranded as AlphaMagic and tried to forget about paying me...

Amusingly, I had e-mails from people who had bought the EP in HMV of all
places, so they did a reasonable job I suppose.

Track Notes

Overdrive has it's moments. I would have done a lot of things differently
now though. Some of the noises are a bit feedble, and the drums are way too
muddy in the mixdown (not that there was one). It's also a bit too long.
I should have probably followed the Found A Cafe formula for the main track,
or just gone for a megamix - it would have made the EP a lot easier to sell :)

I'm Still Running samples the beats from the animated Transformers Movie
and adds a healthy dose of Licence To Kill. I was somewhat inspired by Acen
and also Vinylgroover's 'License To Party' happy hardcore track.
The latter was pretty crap, and I thought I could do a more interesting job.
Musically I think this track is pretty good, despite not having a keyboard
to write it on.

Mix A2 (Be One Remix) is actually a remix of a track called "Mix A2" from
Interface/Mike Ash's Toytown EP on Rising High. He was compiling the old
school list CDs, so I just happened to remix one of his tracks.

Beyond My Dreams was a bit of a wild adventure, sampling chunks of Walking
In The Air, a ZX Spectrum computer loading (the wobbly bassline bits),
The 60s Batman soundtrack, some techno records, Eon, and so forth.
Definitely not dancefloor friendly though!


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