Sunday, 27 September 2009

London Street Art Design

Great free magazine compiled by Wayne Anthony (Genesis rave promoter). Issue #2 is an acid house special, and at over 400 pages is a seriously monumental piece of work!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Frank De Wulf

I received the following message via Frank De Wulf's Facebook group:

August 2009:

Well dear people, here's a short message...

Not official yet, but 'plans' are being deployed as we speak!
After an almost 15 years absence of the music scene, I 've been having great fun making music again. I have no idea if it's actually good, or not, but hey, I'm having fun!
So, I'm planning to take things a bit further with;
In short:
End oct. websites, blogs, myspace etc.
New releases beginning nov.
Some ideas :
B-sides follow up & B-sides remixes... ( Actually I'm thinking of a remix contest!)
New tracks : as in the old days, expect different styles...
... and more.

I'll keep you informed!
Have fun,
Frank De Wulf.

And on that note... let's have a bit of Frank - he's one of my favourite all-time artists. His synths & sounds were always spot on!