Chris White - Emulation & Decompilation

Friday, January 28, 2005

- Fixed a problem in the CPU core with the RTI instruction, (switching the Accumulator to and from 8 and 16 bits after popping the status register from the stack). Solved graphical corruption and problems in loads of games, including Contra 3:

- Bugfixed HDMA support, fixing a bunch of Commercial ROMs (Zool, Turrican 2 etc.).

- Corrected some SRAM mirroring issues, meaning Mario Allstars passes the protection check. Not entirely convinced I've nailed SRAM yet, as there are some other issues...

- Added HIROM support. Probably buggy for now, but good enough to get a decent number of titles running.

- Added a bunch of new opcodes. Roughly 230 out of 255 opcodes are now implemented. I add them as I come across ROMs using them, which helps prevent silly bugs.

- Thanks to the Snes9x forum for helping out with a couple of issues. Who knows, we might see a source code release in a few months.

As usual, if you can help out, please contact me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Got my websites back up (Finally!)

Fixed a few minor issues on JSnes:

- Fixed CPU cycles per scaline
- Implemented a handful of new opcodes.
- Fixed directPageIndexedIndirect memory mode in CPU emulation
- Fixed bug on certain 256 Colour mode backgrounds

There are still a lot of bugs, but the above also means that some more games start to run. A handful of basic commercial titles are now playable to some extent.

If you have decent snes / emulation knowledge and want to help out, please contact me.