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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

JavaGear ME 0.92 Released

JavaGear for MIDP2 Compatible mobile phones.
Also contains a standalone J2SE (PC compatible) build of JavaGear.

New Features:

  • Screen rotation
  • Screen can be enlarged with SCALE option (before it was only shrunk)
  • Lightgun emulation (touchscreen devices and with mouse on J2SE version)
  • SRAM is saved (Phantasy Star etc.)
  • NTSC/PAL selection
  • J2SE: Pass window size as command line parameter
  • Uses less memory than previous version

Improved Emulation Accuracy:

  • Z80: Fixed bug in FDCBxxyy, DDCBxxyy opcode timings
  • VDP: Fixed VDPbuffer bugs in accurate version (not used by any games)
  • VDP: Accurate mirroring of ports (not used by any games)
  • VDP: Fixed bug in line interrupt setting
  • Fixed bug in GameGear auto resizing code
Available here


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