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Monday, June 02, 2008

JavaGear Updates

So you've probably noticed that there have been a few minor updates to JavaGear recently.

I'm also working on implementing 'save state' support. It's a feature I've wanted for ages, but is mind numbingly dull to code. I've finally summed up the courage. It works, I've just got to hook up some UI for it now.

Any other feature requests are welcome.


  • First of all, thanks a lot: great job! I just discovered JavaGear and used it to re-run my all-time favourite game, Ultima IV.

    Graphically, it works like a charm, however, the sound is constantly being "chopped". I'm using J2SE 6 on a linux box. Any idea of what could cause this kind of issue ?

    I'm a Java developer, so if you need further technical info, I should be able to get it (e.g in debug mode).

    Cheers :)

    By Blogger Seb, at 8 May 2009 16:20  

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