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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

JavaGear 0.97 Preview

Upcoming in the next version:

1/ Big speed increase for mobile version. I've compiled my own customised version of proguard (the java obfuscator) . This results are great, and games run noticeably quicker. I'll have some precise data to back this up in due course.

2/ Decent standalone application version with menubar and windows .exe launcher for ease of use. Essentially the menubar is the final feature lacking from the rewritten javagear present in the original. It works better than the original though :)


  • man your emulator works good in General in my Nokia 2855 phone,but there is this main problem about the sound,there is no sound whatsoever in any game,and also i recommend you to please improve the frame skip issue which is very important in my case 'cause most of the time the game runs too slow in my phone,but again i must say that in General your emulator works great,thanks and please try to fix this issues as soon as you can,i might be able to donate some money if you improve the Emulator,thanks and have a great day,bye!!!!

    By Blogger Joel, at 15 October 2008 21:59  

  • and i forgot to say that please i beg you to try to make it easier for everybody to install games,i shdoul say that it wasn't really difficult to me because i know about computer stuff but for any other person that doesn't know too much about computers will be a huge Odisey to figure out how to install them.Try to Make the emulator accesible to the phone folders and stuff ok?,Again have a nice day and you might answer and contact me via mail,thanks,peace out bro,bye!!!!

    By Blogger Joel, at 15 October 2008 22:03  

  • Hey man, has this been abandoned?

    Any news on the Android port?

    By Blogger Rich, at 7 March 2009 20:44  

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