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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

JavaGear ME 0.92 Released

JavaGear for MIDP2 Compatible mobile phones.
Also contains a standalone J2SE (PC compatible) build of JavaGear.

New Features:

  • Screen rotation
  • Screen can be enlarged with SCALE option (before it was only shrunk)
  • Lightgun emulation (touchscreen devices and with mouse on J2SE version)
  • SRAM is saved (Phantasy Star etc.)
  • NTSC/PAL selection
  • J2SE: Pass window size as command line parameter
  • Uses less memory than previous version

Improved Emulation Accuracy:

  • Z80: Fixed bug in FDCBxxyy, DDCBxxyy opcode timings
  • VDP: Fixed VDPbuffer bugs in accurate version (not used by any games)
  • VDP: Accurate mirroring of ports (not used by any games)
  • VDP: Fixed bug in line interrupt setting
  • Fixed bug in GameGear auto resizing code
Available here

Sunday, May 11, 2008

JavaGear Android Port

I've started to port JavaGear to Google's Android platform. The results are good, although it runs seriously slowly in the emulator. Based on the J2ME version, it will presumably run faster on an actual device.

There will be updates to the existing mobile version of JavaGear in due course. I'm hoping to add Lightgun support for touchscreen handsets.

There's still some debugging on the Android version to be done in the meantime, and I've got to merge the Android code into the main source tree, as it's forked at the moment.